We all know how it is today. It’s nearly impossible to find an individual without a mobile in their hands. In fact, there are more mobile users today than there are desktop users.
Knowing this, businesses today make sure that all their marketing facilities are geared towards making their presence more mobile friendly. They invest in mobile websites or mobile apps.
While mobile websites are important and play their own critical role, they cannot beat the importance of mobile apps.
Here are three main reasons why we think mobile apps are better than mobile websites:

• Notifications
On one hand, e-mails have been one of the most widely used business communication tools for the past couple of decades. On the other hand, everyone hates to receive it.
Many people unsubscribe to it faster than you can say business. The open rates as well as click rates have also dropped drastically. That’s the only way websites try to communicate with the visitors, by trying to get them to subscribe to the newsletter.
That’s where mobile apps come in to save the day. Mobile apps have two options, push notifications and in-app notifications. These notifications are less intrusive and annoying and visitors actually read them.

• User Preferences
Customers are always right, even in their preferences. The usage of apps has increased drastically over the years. In fact, in 2017, the total number of apps that were downloaded was 197 billion; it was record breaking of course. It was also observed that mobile users spend 90% of their total mobile time on apps.
Since apps are one of the most used and preferred means of mobile users these days, every business must invest in them.
Mobile websites have their own uses, such as creating initial awareness amongst the masses. However, apps ensure retention of these users.

• Better Engagement and Interaction
Apps create a personal experience for the users, so much so that users become more immersed in it. Mobile websites lack this feature greatly, so users don’t have a reason to return again.
Apps are more purpose-focused; they remind users of a specific task related to them. Additionally, apps are easy to use. They offer exactly what the users want and in a much simplified manner.
Moreover, apps allow companies to keep coming up with ways to be more interactive with their users. The rapid development of apps keeps the users interested and engaged in the new content.
The benefits of mobile apps clearly outweigh that of the mobile websites, so they must not be ignored by any business.

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