Did you know that:

  • 50 percent of the PPC visitors are more likely to buy something as compared to organic visitors
  • Nearly four times as many people are likely to click a PPC ad on Google than other search engines
  • Approximately 65 percent of all the clicks made by people who intend to buy typically go to paid ads

After reading these statistics, you would have realized the importance of including PPC advertising in your digital marketing plan. However, the benefits of PPC advertising don’t end here. Other amazing benefits of investing in pay per click ads are:

Achieve Numerous Business Goals

Your PPC ad campaign can align perfectly with numerous business and marketing goals ranging from improving brand exposure, lead generation, and conversion. PPC advertising can help businesses foster the middle ground for nurturing and also serving the funnel through advertising:

  • Content downloads
  • Signups for newsletter
  • Contest entries
  • App downloads

Simply stated, with PPC advertising, you can smoothly create a path that your prospects take from brand awareness to converting into actual customers.

Results are Measurable

Another huge advantage of pay per click advertising is that it can be tracked and measured. Using a combination of Google Analytics and Google Ad tools, you can easily measure your PPC campaign’s performance and make changes to it accordingly for the best results.

From clicks to impressions, conversions, and what kind of traffic it is drawing, you can measure all with the utmost ease. This further helps you decide to move forward with PPC advertising, areas to improve, and get a clear picture of what you spent and how much you earned. With clear results, you can confidently move forward with this strategy as there is no ambiguity or mystery.

You Have Full Control over Your Campaign

PPC gives you full control over your campaign. This strategy gives you various options to reach and attract your target audience, from keyword selection to ad placement. 

Apart from that, advertisers also have budget flexibility. This means that you don’t have to invest big. With PPC, you have the power to set the ad bids and budget. Thus, you can start small and then increase your budget over time when you start getting results. Additionally, advertisers also have the freedom to stop the PPC campaign and ad spend whenever they want. 

Indeed, pay per click advertising is a proven strategy that can help you attract qualified traffic and increase conversions. For more information on PPC advertising or service assistance, contact us. We have a team of PPC experts that can help you set up, run, and manage your advertising campaign and provide you with detailed reports to gauge and monitor its success. Click here to benefit from our expertise.

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