Colors play a crucial role on making our website aesthetic and appealing.  They are not just a vessel for communicating our feelings and emotions but a n essential tool for influencing a customer’s decision in a purchase.

Because colors have a transformative impact on our minds and trigger our feelings, using a well-suited palette of colors can help us convince customers more effectively. In this article, we will discuss how using colors effectively in your web design improves your conversion rates.

Improve Overall Site Appeal

The colors you use in your web design instantly impacts your customer’s impression of your website. Data published by WebpageFX, shows us that most visitors make a subconscious judgment about your website in under 90 seconds of seeing it. More surprisingly, anywhere from 62% to 90% of their observations depends on the color of your website alone.

As first impressions matter the most, the color combination you use for your website has a deep impact on how early visitors see your website. What they see will not only be their first impression, but a judgment that stays with them for the rest of their lives. This is why it’s extremely important to choose a color wisely.

Change Brand Perception

Top brands rely on color schemes to convey the look and feel of their product. They create specific brand guidelines and work endlessly to ensure that their design remains consistent across different communication channels.

There’s a reason for that. Color plays a key role in how customers perceive brands. Making small variations can make a huge difference in how people understand, recognize, and relate to a brand.

Data from Kissmetrics suggests that color can increases brand recognition by as much as 80 %, something that is nothing short of extraordinary. Carrying a consistent theme can pay huge dividends for your marketing efforts over a long period. You can use colors to represent the overall values of your brand.

Increase Purchases

Colors also play a key role in influencing  a customer’s purchases. Bags and Bows Online has found that 85% of customers consider color the primary reason of choosing a product.

Do you remember when you bought your first car? I’m pretty sure, the color of the car had considerable say although it had nothing to do with the car’s functionality.

We can see something similar in e-commerce websites, where websites use colorful cues to push customers to add products to their carts. Selecting the right color is a great way to boost conversion rates and sell more of your products.

Improve Memory

Lastly, color has always been a reliable way to get things embedded in your memory. Interestingly, contrasting colors draw attention to each other effectively, as the discovery of von Restorff effect verified.

This is why most companies use a killer combination of contrasting colors to develop their brand image. Coca Cola uses a combination of red and white to imprint their brand image to your mind. This contrasting effect is useful for improving conversions and improving the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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