Are you struggling with a high website bounce rate and losing potential sales to the competition? Wondering what steps to take to overcome these challenges? Then, we suggest you invest in a responsive web design.

One of the top reasons online businesses have a high bounce rate is that they fail to deliver the best user experience. Studies show that approximately a quarter of the top sites are not mobile-friendly/responsive. Thus, if your web design can’t adjust to the visitor’s screen size, they are most likely to bounce off. Hence, this brings us to the first advantage of a responsive web design.

· Fluid Design for Optimal Visual and User Experience

A responsive design features fluid grids. These grid systems scale or adjust based on the screen of the user. All elements of the website resize in relation to the screen it is being viewed on, thus delivering the best visual and user experience. So no matter if the user accesses your website from their desktop, smartphone or laptop, your site will be displayed to them seamlessly. This is much needed to keep them hooked and browse through other pages, thereby increasing chances of converting from visitors to sales. 

· Quick and Cost-Effective to Develop

Another big advantage of a responsive web design s that it is faster to develop than the time taken to create stand-alone mobile apps or a desktop site. This is because a responsive site doesn’t require building multiple codebases. It has a single codebase featuring optimized styling sheets that adjust by themselves; thus, development is fast. And since no multiple codebases or hosting multiple URLs are required, it saves you a huge chunk of money on the site development cost. 

·  Improves Search Engine Visibility

What good is a website if your target audience can’t find it, right? Well, with responsive web design, you can boost your site’s search engine visibility significantly. This is because Google likes sites with responsive designs for different reasons, such as: 

  • It has one URL and HTML regardless of the device, thereby making it easier and efficient for Google to index the site
  • It makes users share content easily as it is located on one URL
  • It eliminates duplicate content issues which otherwise occur when you have separate mobile and desktop versions for one site. Duplicate content impacts search rankings negatively. And that is something no online business owner wants!

· Super Easy to Maintain

With a responsive web design, you have only one site to update and maintain. This makes things simple and easy to manage. While with two separate site versions (desktop and mobile), you will need two different strategies to maintain and optimize your sites. 

So, contact us today to get a responsive web design and deliver the best user experience. It’s a win-win for your site visitors and business. 

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