If people only have 15 minutes to read content, 66% will choose a website that is attractively designed. Your website design plays a vital role in enhancing your online marketing presence. It gathers traffic and potential leads and lets you convert them into customers.

This is why it is essential to understand the importance of web design. In this article, we will discuss the importance of web design and how a web design company in New York can boost the traffic of your website.

Why Website Design in New York Is Important

People seeking to establish their online presence often wonder why effective web design is important. Let’s discuss how good web design in New York can impact your audience and your business.

Sets the First Impression

The first thing users notice when they click on a web link is the design of a website. Essentially, web design offers the first impression of your business to visitors. These visitors will judge your business in seconds after looking at your website. This is why it’s crucial to make your first impression as effective as possible.

An outdated website design will immediately leave a negative impression on your business. Unattractive websites do not retain visitors; on the contrary, they deter them from staying. As a result, you will keep losing leads while a competitor with better web design gains them.

This is why it’s necessary to prioritize the web design of your website. It plays a key role in determining how your business will be perceived by visitors. The impression it makes on them can either make them stay on your website and learn about your business or it can be the reason for them to leave your website and move on to a competitor.

Strengthens Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The content of your website may have a role, but web design is the anchor that steers it. New York web design experts realize how certain web design elements and practices can influence the way  content gets published. As a result, your website design can impact how web crawlers index and rank the website.

You cannot afford to mess the web design of your website in any case. Poor web design becomes an obstacle in keeping your SEO fundamentals in flow. As a result, you will find it difficult to maintain the visibility of your website.

Besides affecting how content gets published on your website, some web design elements can directly influence SEO. It isn’t easy to understand web design unless you’re familiar with how it works. In simple terms, the code behind your web design determines how successful the website is going to be, SEO-wise.

It isn’t easy to ensure that your website code is up to the standard. For your website to be successful, it needs to be compatible with tried-and-tested web design techniques. The best solution is contacting a web design firm in NY that has experts at what they do.

Sets the Base for Customer Service

It’s not uncommon for people to evaluate the quality of your services based on your customer service. Websites are generally the most common forums for customers to interact and share their problems with the company.

This is why many people judge a website by the way it has been structured. Your website design can give them a peak regarding how much you care about customers. It also lets them know how far you are willing to go for them. A poor website design feels like a genuine lack of effort from the business.

This can put off many existing customers as your website is the business’s first customer service representative. Your website should be as approachable, inviting and easy to use. It should also be bright and modern so that customers feel welcome. Good website design indicates that your business is also open and welcoming to its customers.

In other words, your website is the digital face of your business. A customer-friendly website has a better chance of retaining customers instead of losing them. However, you still have to address customer’s problems to retain them for the future.

Builds Trust

A website with a poor design is not only unattractive, but it can also put doubts regarding your business. People tend to distrust such websites. It’s almost natural to suspect a web design with awkwardly placed flashy text.

People can view your website to be shady because of its outdated web design. They can mistake your website for a malware-injecting or phishing site. Negative signals like these will force visitors to stay miles away from your website.

In contrast, a website designed by a professional web development company builds trust with the audience. Visitors will feel safe checking out your site and may even go on to buy your products or services. Website owners should never forget the longer a customer stays on the website; the probability of them becoming a customer will increase.

Competitors Are Doing It

The first and foremost rule of a successful business is always staying ahead of the competition. However, if you let them pass you, they will ultimately steal all your customers and ruin your business in the end. Something similar can happen if you don’t keep your design up-to-date.

Smart business owners in New York realize the importance of good web design. This is why most of them keep their business websites evolving. They utilize website designers in New York to make their online presence relevant and rake in as many customers as they can.

It is as simple as this; you must have a solid website design to stay ahead of your rivals. If your website doesn’t stand out from the rest, your competitor can easily outrank you. A well-designed website performs better than an ill-designed one.

Ultimately, you will end up losing all your leads to a rival. Losing leads is the first step towards losing profit. If you start losing leads, your competitor’s business will thrive while you have to wait for a miracle to happen.

Business owners in New York should realize that good website design is not just a unique feature. Good web design is a statement that proves you’re more willing to work for your customers. Visitors can see a stark difference between your commitment and your rival’s if you have a better website than theirs.

Creates Consistency

Nowadays, it’s hard to see any business compromise on their web design. Even a café in Brooklyn will have a dedicated website to target their customers. They will consult a web design company in Brooklyn New York to design a website. Doing so will help them put their products on display and help their business grow.

Websites have a key role in establishing a business as a brand. Having an established brand is necessary to achieve leads consistently. It helps your audience get familiar with your brand. Making your brand familiar takes you one step closer converting leads into customers. 

Moreover, online web designs help create consistency across your page. Your website helps you mirror your entire business online. You must have the same font, layout, and style on every page. Low cost and different designs not only look unprofessional, but are also damaging to your brand name.

Local businesses can build achieve far-reaching influence through their brands with the help of web designers in Brooklyn.

If the website is not consistent, people will revert from your website to the one that looks more consistent. A consistent outlook can help retain leads longer and make visitors familiar with your business. As a result, it can help you retain more customers on your website and in turn boost your traffic.

How Can a Web Design Increase Traffic?

As we have discussed before, your website design can immensely impact how you rank on search engines. Expert web designers in New York develop web design strategies while keeping SEO in mind. It’s necessary to ensure the website does not fall prey to common issues that have adverse effects on rankings.

The following are some of the key rules New York website design experts take care of:

Responsive Design – Gaining Traffic from Mobile Devices

Responsive website design means that the website will adapt and display content, regardless of which device you use. It ensures users have good user experience whether they visit a website from a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop PC. Google penalizes a website that is not responsive, which makes it rank lower than other websites.

Regardless of Google’s penalty, not having a responsive web design is self-harming. An un-responsive website fails at attracting traffic from mobile devices. In the end, users are left looking confused as they only see half-sized cuts of the original website.

According to Statista, 52.2% of the total online traffic is generated from mobile devices. This means any website lacking this feature will automatically lose half of its potential customers. Website owners should waste no time in upgrading their websites with a responsive web design.

Site Speed

The time it takes for your website to load is crucial. Slow load ups result in poor user experience and ultimately thwarting off potential leads. Moreover, Google’s web crawlers will penalize your web page for your bad user experience because of low retention rates.

It doesn’t matter how attractive your web design is if it renders slowly. If you want your website to have fast loading times, consult services of a professional website design company in New York.

Website Coding

Inefficient coding practices can prevent some of the most important website content from being detected by search engines. Other times, inexperienced developers are guilty of creating messy designs. As a result, useless content pushes important keywords and content far down the page and is messed by search engines.

Sharing Features

Sharing features are an important component of any website. All good websites have them. These sharing features prompt users to share the content on the website to their personal or business social media channels. If your website content is easy to share, it will, in turn, be extremely helpful in gaining new viewership.

Content Optimization

All of us know how an effective web design attracts the attention of search engines like Google. It’s also important to generate relevant content to attract and retain potential customers to the site. However, it would be disastrous if those potential leads get to your website and don’t find the content they were looking for. These things can result in giving your website an even lower ranking than before.

This is why on-page optimization is necessary. It can help place relevant and search-friendly keywords in crucial places within website content and code.  Attributes such as page titles, meta descriptions, image titles, etc. attract traffic.

It also indicates to Google that your website has all the answers to a customer’s search query. You need to factor in on-page optimization techniques to generate traffic for your website.

How Can a Web Design Company in New York Help?

Creating the perfect web design is both a science and an art. Doing so is not easy by any means. These are many important web design and optimization tactics that are crucial for a comprehensive web design strategy. Effective web design techniques have to be planned and targeted to the client’s needs.

Moreover, if a website lacks these features, it will be harder for your business to stay at the top rank. Therefore, you can only trust experts to provide you with the perfect solution.

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