In the world of digital marketing, there’s a long-standing battle between long form content and short form content.
Should we trust that less is more? Or should we pay more attention to long form content for the finest SEO results?
The answer, we fear, is not that simple. Be it short form content or long form content, both can produce the best results or the worst results depending on how they are used.
Both forms of content are equally important in the world of SEO. The real question here is, how would you choose the right one?
Here’s your answer:

Long Form Content
Before we move on to its competitiveness, let’s first understand what it really is. Long form content is normally content that consists of 2,000 words or more. Most of the eBooks, whitepapers, and how-to guides are long form content.
Long form content is the best choice of content in certain scenarios, but not so much in others.
For instance, it’s best to use long form content when:

  • The products and services are high-end, with an even higher price range.
  • Products that especially require information-based marketing.
  • The products and services are such that they require more commitment to buy.
  • The products are unique and one-of-its-kind
  • The products have many complex aspects and need more clarification

The style and tone of long form content must be written in an engaging manner. If the long form content begins to drag, it would be hard to hold the audience’s attention for long.

Short Form Content
Any content that consists of around 1,000 words or less is short form content. Short form content can prove to be most useful when:

  • Your business is pretty common and understood.
  • The products offered by a business are very common and economical.
  • The nature of the article is such that they cannot be written in log-form, such as emails, newsletters, taglines, product descriptions.
  • Other things to keep in mind when trying to choose between long form content and short form content include:
  • How much do your customers already know? Does the product require the users to be more educated about it?
  • How interested would the readers be about the product? Is the product interesting enough to want them to read extensively about it?

Whether it is short form content or long form content, it is only right when you have made the right choice.

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