The last few years have been focused on open tabs and highly aggressive push notifications that seemed to leap out from the web page to grab the attention of the target audience.

However, this was not always very successful because many people did not like such invasive advertising. Since the core purpose of the site is to attract visitors instead of driving them away, new ideas were required. This is why the very latest web designs are now centered around a more refined end-user experience instead of pop-ups and related notifications.  The main theme of the modern innovative website is more concerned with clarity rather than reach. After all, the net is already awash with information and stimuli.

In fact, websites that pause to give a clearer picture and provide more in-depth information without being intrusive can easily delight visitors. This is now one of the best ways to stand out from the rest of the pack.  Some of the more innovative website design ideas include the following:

Increasingly More Adaptive Designs

Adaptability is a very important trend for the coming decade. The medium of consumption has changed, and people now log online via their smartphones and other devices instead of desktops. This is why the site has to be seamlessly readable and visually appealing, irrespective of its display medium.

 As of now, we can safely assert that the era of the desktop is rapidly being overtaken by mobile phones and other handheld devices.  The web design industry understands this, and it is coming with highly adaptive web designs that can be consumed on all popular platforms.

Motion Design: The Wave of the Future  

Motion design is now rapidly becoming very popular thanks to the ever-increasing bandwidths and internet speeds. The average visitor now wants their information on the same page so that they can consume it and move on. This is known as ‘instant exposure’ and many web designers are trying to accomplish it via different methods.

For example, they are using motion design features to create GIF-animations. These animations can help a visitor to check out the various features and other important characteristics of a car (for instance). The average Gif is usually less than 5 seconds, so it is very easy to consume the information in one go.

Oversized Type

 The new generation of websites now favor large and highly prominent elements. These can range from design elements to text all the way to full-screen videos and images.  Many sites now also feature oversized menu options to make it easy for the user to click on the desired link. Not only are such links very eye-catching the can also help site visitors to identify the nature and scope of the website more quickly.

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