Imagine two bakeries selling the same items. However, one of them never opens on time and when it does, the service is very slow. It is also difficult to find your favorite treats in this bakery and when you ask for their contact number for quick delivery, they can never produce one.
On the contrary, the other bakery is easier to navigate, sticks to its schedule, and the service there is extraordinarily fast.
Which one would you choose?
The answer is pretty obvious. You would choose the latter. Similarly, for the same reasons you would prefer the latter bakery, users would purchase from websites that are user-friendly.
Here’s how you can make sure your business website is user-friendly:

1. Functional Design
People have little time to read all that little text on the website. Provide the visitors with exactly what they are looking for.
Simple imagery with little text is what makes users happy. Hence, make sure that the text is creative yet concise and the image is visually appealing yet precise.
Also, keep the web pages as minimum as possible. Getting directed from one page to another tends to test the patience of the visitors.

2. Intuitive navigation
You can be unique and creative elsewhere, but when it comes to navigation, follow the norm and adhere to conventional methods.
A user-friendly navigation menu must be straightforward and should have concise links. If there are more links, then go for a drop-down menu.

3. Search Options
Since it’s better to place most things in one place, the users might have a hard time finding a specific item they are looking for. This is where the search bar comes in handy. A simple search option on the web page will help the users find exactly what they are looking for.
The search bar will also help in case the users cannot figure out a way to navigate the website.

4. Contact Details
Never ever leave out contact details from the website. If you do so, you can end up losing more than half of your potential customers. In addition to convenience, proper contact information gives customers peace of mind.
It assures them of the credibility of the business. The absence of contact details is a telltale sign of scammers.

5. Responsive Website
Your website should be built in a way that it runs smoothly, whether the device is being used or not.
Keep the above factors in mind and you’ll have a website that your users would love.

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