Designing a website is not a whim of the moment thing.You can’t just decide what the website is going to be about and begin creating an outline for the design.
It is a lot more detailed than that. Lots of planning and discussion goes into designing a website. Even before that, there are certain very important questions every professional and skilled web designer would ask their client.
These questions are the beginning steps to creating an outstanding website. Let’s have a look at these questions:

What is your business about?
This question is the most obvious one. However, it requires more than a one-word answer to be fully able to grasp the idea behind the business. To be able to create an excellent website, the web designer needsto fully understand the business.
From its officeenvironmentto the method of operation, web designersneedto know everything. When the web designer understands the business, they are able to understand the vision behind it. That’s when thecreative juices flow ontheir own.

Do you have a website, ordid you have a website?
A web designer should never assume that the website they are working on is the first one for the business.
It’s important to know if there was a website in the past, and if there was,what made the business discard that website. It gives the designer insight and allows them to avoidrepeating mistakes of the past.

Who’s your target audience?
The most importantfactorthat is consideredwhen designing a website is web designing. From the color palette to the font style, everything is created and designed with the target audience in mind.
What looks good to the designer or to the business matterslittle. At the end of the day, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, which is why every aspect of the website is designed to appease the target audience.

What are you planning to accomplish with this website?
How can you think of an idea when you don’t even know what you are aiming to achieve?
The same is true for websites. While the goal behind the website may seem obvious, it might not be so. Besides, websites shouldn’t be designed on assumptions. Hence, the web designer should know the goals of the business. If the website is designedwhile keeping in mindthe goals of the business,thenitwill be in line with the business’s values and will serve a purpose.
If you are planning to design a new website for your business, make sure your web designer asks all the right questions.

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