Understanding millennials

Millennials might seem like they lack the basic survival skills needed to function in society such as socializing, doing house work, knowing electronics or wood shop. Most don’t even know how to set up a tent, fire a gun, load a rifle or hunt deer. They are surrounded by their gadgets and computers. They are nose deep into their hand held devices all the time, continuously searching for more information and ideas.

They might seem like they have an attention span less than that of a goldfish, but that is only because you are unable to see the world from their perspective. One thing is for sure, once into something that catches their interest, there is no de-motivating them.

Marketing to Millennials

Traditional marketing techniques such as TV advertisements have lost their potency to some extent. The internet and smartphones dominate the world of advertisements. Millennials do not spend much time watching cable TV. Instead they watch Netflix, which they can do without the ads.

Everyone has to eat. Millennials spent more than 50% of their income on food at restaurants, eating out and hanging out with their friends. They are constantly on the lookout to try new places and new experiences. They rely on the information they receive through social media such as Instagram, reviews on Facebook and Yelp, and Twitter feeds.

Competition has also increased for businesses as one bad review can go viral and wreck their brand image forever. Businesses need to make continuous efforts to keep up with the changing trends and needs of these young adults.

Millennials are used to having services tailored to their specific requirements. There is no “one size fits all” as they prefer to have more customization options that can set them apart from the crowd.

When it comes to family life, owning a home and settling down, millennials are not in a rush. More people are choosing to live with their parents in order to save money. They put off marriage till they’re older and have a decent income. Most of them are not even buying cars anymore. Instead they lease or use ride sharing services such as Uber.

A survey suggested that most millennials browse the internet on their phones and tablets. So the best way to get your business product or service out to them is through a website and a strong social media presence. To get a website design that speaks to millenials with all of their proclivities, visit 247nywebdesign. We promise a highly interactive website that is bound to take your business to the next level.

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