There is nothing that can challenge the effectiveness of programmatic advertising, nor can anyone deny the fact that the brands placing ads online want to make the most out of their investment. In a recent survey, more than 80% of respondents revealed how crucial it is for them to find a brand-safe environment online. However, a fair percentage of these respondents also revealed how difficult it is to find such a website that is safe for their brands.  

So, how can publishers make sure their websites are safe for brands, and conducive to video content? If such a question pops up in your mind, the below-mentioned tips will help you on the way.

Attract the Advertisers

Appealing to the advertisers is a rather tricky job. It is up to the salespeople to provide the advertisers with an environment for their video content to run. To do this, they must come up with video content that revolves around trending topics. The content should be published on pages that attract a high amount of traffic. The video content should be combined with viewable video players that float and stick. These videos can either be auto-play or scroll to play. To attract hi-fi advertisers, premium features must be made use of.

Work On Customer Experience

Apart from publishing high-quality video content, publishers should also prioritize the customer experience. They should make sure that the content they put out is relevant to their target audience. Furthermore, the publishers need to make sure that there is always more content on their site than ads. Also, the content creators should act more journalistically and cover all parts of the story, without compromising them for pace. The publishers need to supervise the entire content creation process, instead of outsourcing it to an outside production company. As far as the content creators are concerned, they need to come up with content that convinces the audience to click, instead of misleading them.

Be Very Particular

According to digital marketing experts, it is totally up to the publisher to assess the ads that will run in a brand-safe environment. To make your site safe for brands, you must take a look at the ads that are already running. This will help you make sure whether or not something is objectionable. If there is, the necessary steps should be taken to remove those ads. Another challenge for publishers is to make sure their site doesn’t get blacklisted by the media agencies; a particular brand is working with. They can do this by coming up with their internal standards. Luckily, vendors such as Google have specific categories for brand safety.

Viewability Partners

It is not uncommon for brands to work with viewability partners like Integral AdScience. However, these partners provide similar services for publishers, as well. Analytics partners allow a publisher to eliminate fraud and provide maximum inventory.   


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