With a spike in competition, attracting customers to your site and retaining them is becoming crucial to the success of businesses. One of the most creative ways of enhancing user experience on your website is the incorporation of video content. Videos are a great resource, and they are shared and watched on almost all platforms. However, having custom videos on your website gives your brand the boost it needs. Studies have shown that custom videos on your landing page allow you to increase your conversion by more than 80%. Considering the stats, who wouldn’t want to utilize such an asset?


Let’s discuss the five benefits of adding custom videos on your website.

1. Boost Customer Engagement

When someone visits your website and finds a video, their curiosity will make them want to click. The video will make the viewers keep thinking about your company long after the video has ended. Through a video, you can show your audience what you are capable of doing instead of merely telling them what to do. As a result, you find yourself in a better position to engage your customers. Demo videos are an excellent means of providing your customers with the information they need. Furthermore, if the customer returns, it is a sign that you have managed to build the trust.

2. Convey Important Messages

Video content on your website allows you to convey your brand’s message to your targeted audience, and fast. As the name suggests, custom videos are easy to edit and are educational and entertaining at the same time. A word of advice: when customizing a video, make sure to keep the duration to less than 10 minutes. A short video is compelling and can also be shared easily on social media. Videos that promote your business and your products are also helpful in delivering the latest news about your business.

3. Promote Storytelling

Every business has a story to tell about how it all began. Telling your story to your audience allows you to provide essential details about your businesses, which boosts your conversion rate. People like to buy from the people they know and trust. Try to use video for introducing your audience to your products, services, and your employees. You can achieve this through live video interviews and live events coverage.

4. Increase Your Reach

Posting and sharing videos from YouTube is always easy. So, why not cross-post videos on your website through a YouTube channel. YouTube is owned by Google, which increases the likelihood of your videos appearing in search results. Search engines always need fresh content, be it a blog, a press release, or in this case, a video. When making a custom video, invest time and effort into keywords research, thus optimizing it for search engines.

5. Ensure Customer Retention

As discussed earlier, videos ensure customer engagement. When a person clicks on a video link, they have to stay on your website to continue watching it. The longer a person remains on your business’s website, the higher is the likelihood of them exploring your site more. If you are lucky, you might even enjoy a conversion.  


Considering the benefits mentioned above, there is no reason for not having custom videos on your website. If you want relevant video content in your web design, we can do it for you. To avail the best web design services, visit our website now or call us at 718-233-3120.

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