The digital marketers of today have more access to user data than ever before. This is where artificial intelligence can be a game-changer. Not only does AI help digital marketers utilize this data, but it also allows them to identify vital opportunities and act accordingly. Studies have shown that by the year 2020, more than 80% of the interactions between businesses and their clients will be guided by artificial intelligence without the slightest human involvement.

Let’s explore some of the ways artificial intelligence benefits digital marketers.

1. Ensures Personalized Experiences

One of the key benefits of artificial intelligence for digital marketing is a personalized experience. According to American Express, customers who have a good experience tend to spend 74% more on the products and services of their choice. If done right, artificial intelligence can simplify the buying process for the consumers by targeting a specific product and removing all buying complexities. A good customer experience enhances brand loyalty and binds the consumers to a particular brand for a long time.

2. Simplifies Online Shopping

A famous vertical of artificial intelligence is augmented reality. It has drastically changed the way people used to shop. People can easily take a virtual trial of products before they can purchase them. As a result, they can try clothes, makeup, and even items of furniture without moving a muscle. Studies have shown that because of digital awareness, more than 70% of loyal customers want their favorite brands to use augmented reality to their advantage.

3. Targets the Right Audience

With various AI tools at your disposal, you no longer need to go through the strenuous process of identifying your targeted audience. AI will target the right audience for your product and service. Furthermore, the chances of their targeting going wrong are minimal. Such a feature is the need of the hour, especially in the Asian markets, considering the increase in the number of internet users. Allocation of budget and targeting the audience depending upon age, gender, and similar demographics is another feature of AI digital marketers can benefit from. A perfect example is the AI digital resource used for media planning at Mindshare, an arm of Group M and one of the largest media investment outfits in the world.

4. Helps with Content Creation

It is rightly said that content is king. Fresh and relevant content not only optimizes your brand, but it also helps your website rank higher among the search results. However, coming up with new content all the time can get difficult. There is a vast amount of repetitious content out there. Most of it is AI-created, but luckily, it is hard to tell the difference. AI-based content is becoming increasingly popular, where research is done on a particular keyword,and content is written based on the gathered data. As far as visual content is concerned, the videos and info-graphics made using AI are far more flawless than those made by humans.

These were just some of the many benefits of AI for digital marketing. If you want to maximize your digital marketing efforts, feel free to visit our website, or call now at 718-233-3120.

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