There is no doubt that social media is a modern (read: powerful) marketing tool for any small or big business.

 One of the significant parts while marketing your brand on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is the interaction with your clients.  However, not everyone is equipped with the art of online communication. This is why they end up making mistakes.

Here are some of the most common ones that you must also avoid!

1.    Not Conveying Your Values Well

Projecting wrong values about your business can cost you your clients. Hence, it is important that you do not fail to tell the world what you do and what your business ideologies are.

2.    Lack of Clarity

You have to be upfront and straightforward while dealing with your clients. Don’t try to make excuses or give vague answers that would only make them more confused.

Otherwise, your consumers won’t come back and you’ll lose the opportunity to grow your repeat customer base.

3.    Unprofessional Language

If you want your clients to respect you, you’ll need to behave professionally. Being friendly with your clients is never wrong but make sure that you don’t appear too informal.

4.    Being Impersonal

Your customers must be able to identify with you and your business. This is why it is important that you are able to connect with your customers on a personal level.

Customers prefer to talk to people who understand their needs and concerns. Hence, you will need to show that you care for them.

5.    Avoiding Negative Feedback

Instead of just responding to positive feedback, try replying to negative criticism as well.

6.    Acting Like a Robot

Answer the queries of your customers like a normal person. This will encourage your clients to interact with you again in the future.

7.    Failing to Answer Your Clients Queries

This only makes the customers frustrated than ever. Try to understand what your client is trying to ask and answer them accordingly.

8.    Being Rude

This often happens unintentionally when you lose your cool. No matter how irritating the customer is, try to deal with him patiently.

9.    Deleting the Comments

No matter how bad some of the comments make you feel, don’t delete them. This will only encourage the customer to comment again, more furiously.

10.  Ignoring Your Customers

If you are replying to your consumers’ comments, make sure that you reply to everyone’s comments then. No one likes to be ignored.

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