Designing a good landing page isn’t rocket science, but requires significant effort. A good landing page must give your customers what they want, something that goes beyond just “looking good”. 

Learning how to create a good landing page can transform your website’s conversion rate and boost your sales. In this article, we will demystify how to create a landing page that converts by using X simple tips. 

What Is a Landing Page?

The purpose of a landing page is to increase conversion rates and help you achieve your marketing or business growth goals. Businesses have found that ad-targeted landing pages can achieve 115% more conversion compared to generic web pages.

Your landing page can be anything from a standalone page dedicated to a specific campaign, sale, or product to your website’s homepage, or other pages in your industry. People often get confused about how landing pages generally differ from other pages that visitors find through a search engine.

In most cases, it depends on how people find your page and the purpose of your page. Visitors find homepages from someone they know or through social media, whereas, they discover landing pages through paid ads or organically through high-ranking search results and keywords.

4 Tips to Create Landing Pages That Convert

Matching Messaging to Ads/Keywords

Website owners either link landing pages to paid ads or tie them to specific keywords. This is why visitors are expecting to find what they want on your page.

Unless the messaging of your landing page matches the relevant ad or keyword, it can easily put off them from your website. The design of the web page must highlight the messaging of your landing page to get the most out of it. 

Utilizing “Above the Fold”

In web marketing, “above the fold” is the page visible without scrolling. Just like the upper half of a newspaper’s front page, the content displayed in this section gets the visitor’s attention instantly. This is why it’s essential to place a targeted call to action (CTA) here.

There are many ways to utilize this section effectively. You can include a unique sales proposition, a convincing CTA, or an engaging headline. Because this section is highly visible, it automatically prompts visitors to follow through with their actions, increasing your website’s conversion, as a result. 

Targeted SEO

Search engine optimization is essential for your website’s performance. However, for landing pages, targeted SEO is the key to conversion. Instead of using multiple keywords on a single landing page, it’s prudent to use one specific, targeted keyword for your page. 

Minimal Space for Visual Cues and Effects

Showing products in action is a great way to make visitors feel like customers. This is why it’s a great idea to include demo videos, photographs, visuals, and even step-by-step animations to your landing page. 

The human brain understands visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Adding these visual cues to your landing page helps visitors contextualize the product or service in their own setting. As these customers feel more connected to the product, they are more likely to buy it. 


Landing pages are the ideal tools for targeted marketing. By following all landing page best practices, you can achieve better conversion for your website and boost your sales. 

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