When it comes to mobile web, progressive web apps are the talk of the town. These apps were initially introduced a couple of years ago by Google. According to most experts, these apps are the future as far as user experience and development are concerned. But what is a progressive web app?


Let’s find out.


Progressive web apps are websites that behave just like mobile applications. Such sites can be added to the screen of your Smartphone. Furthermore, these websites can present you with notifications and access the hardware of a mobile phone. Interestingly, progressive web apps, unlike other mobile apps, can perform even offline. These apps work just as smoothly without an internet connection as they do while connected to the internet.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of progressive web apps.

Work Offline

We all know that websites fail to perform properly when the internet connection is interrupted. On the flip side, progressive web apps can be accessed and used even if no internet is available. The offline feature of these apps allows the user to save important information. An offline page contains the logo, some essential features, and necessary information.

They Resemble Other Apps

Another benefit of progressive web apps is that they are designed like any other app, with the functionality of an entire website. These apps are backed by data along with database access. To create a progressive web app, designers make use of the existing frameworks and theories with the sole purpose of providing an excellent experience to the user. But how are they different from traditional apps? Progressive apps provide you with URLs that can be loaded on any search engine. Fast-paced businesses, with little time to spare, benefit from such apps to a great extent.

Better Performance

Progressive web apps are much faster compared to their predecessors. They work more quickly because of their technology, which is quick at catching and serving texts, images, style sheets, and other content. Consequently, user experience, conversations, and conversion rates in progressive web apps are far better than conventional mobile applications.

Less Installation Time

When it comes to installation, progressive apps are quick to install compared to traditional apps on your phone. Furthermore, to download such apps, one does not rely on Google Play or the App Store. These apps can directly be downloaded to your gadget. On phones and tablets, these have their own icons, just like any other application on your phone. You don’t even have to go through the slow app store process.

Implementation of Different Features

With progressive web apps, you enjoy the freedom of implementing different features such as push notifications. Developers and publishers enjoy full creative freedom to achieve this particular feature. For e-commerce stores, this is a great way to increase sales because  people prefer push notifications over emails.


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