Web design trends are changing worldwide and evolving into better versions of themselves. Web developers are finding new ways to engage customers and get their attention in a world filled with distractions.

Staying updated with the current web design trends is essential to keep engaging your customers. But the real question is, is your business adopting these changes? In this article, we discuss the top web design trends that businesses in New York should follow.

Responsive Designs

Hosting Fact reports that mobile devices now account for almost 67.2% of all e-commerce sales worldwide. The ease of use of these devices makes them an ideal choice for users. This is why it’s important for business in New York to embed responsive designs on their websites.

Responsive designs assist websites in maintaining their look against changing resolutions. Without a responsive web design, businesses can lose almost 50% of their web traffic. As a result, they will also miss the chance to engage with potential leads and transform them into their customers.

However, the perfect responsive web designs are not made by chance; they are a product of unmatched expertise and adept skill. You can only trust a reliable web design company in New York to do the job for you.


Most of your online visitors will barely stay a few seconds before leaving your website. This is why lagging websites can turn away potential leads and customers. For a business in New York to be successful, its website should have an impeccable web design with fast loading times.

Moreover, after the announcement of the speed update algorithm, it has become necessary to reduce loading times even more. The new algorithm penalizes websites that have slow loading times, and their speed has an effect on its search engine rankings. An expert website designer in New York can improve website loading times without compromising on the quality of its design.

Personalized Illustration Design

Experts suggest that illustrations have far-reaching effect on users. These visual designs are more useful than simple photographs. Moreover, these illustrations engage users as nothing else does.

When illustrations are used to convey brand characteristics, they have an even greater impact altogether. With personalized illustration designs, a business can convey a deeper brand concept to their customers.


With regards to customer engagement, micro interactions can take you a long way. These illustrations can surprise users and create an event that appeals to the human aspect of visitors. Through micro-interactions, you can create a specific response to each small action.

These components of web designs have been heavily used by big organizations. However, incorporating them into your website can guarantee that your users have an enjoyable experience on your website.

The world of web design is vast and forever changing. Every day, we discover new ways to engage visitors and help business owners gain new customers. If you want your business to get the best of what web design has to offer, contact a website design agency in New York now.

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