The final chapter of this decade has been the harbinger of many trends. Businesses across the world are shifting to the web and online marketing continue to grow. Web developers and designers are coming up with new and innovative ways to enhance consumer web experience.
In the years gone by, web design has focused on fervent creativity. Web designers have abandoned grids and stock photos to adopt dynamic illustrations. Some web developers have sprung on the shoulders of AI and machine learning to create intelligent and responsive websites.
Here are some of the top Web Designs trends of 2019 that will help reshape online marketing in the future.

1)Minimalism: Un-simplistic Simplicity
Nowadays, the “less is more” principle is being used extensively by web designers worldwide. The idea is to use minimal interface design elements to create classic and elegant patterns.

Such designs are not only good to look at, but are more compatible to our fast lifestyle. People don’t have much time to process information and complex designs can be overwhelming. A simple design with fewer elements is more graceful and makes it easier for people to digest information and make decisions quicker.
Basic techniques like the use of white design, contrast and clear typography can be used to develop effective CTAs.

2)From Serif-dom to Screen
The conventions of web design dictate that the font Serif is used for print whereas Sans-Serif was deemed ideal for screen design. But innovation is all about breaking conventions and introducing something new in exchange.

While Sans-Serifs are clean and still an ideal choice for writing long write-ups; some brands are adopting Serifs to craft their headers and call-outs.

3)Prioritizing Mobile
The advancement in technology has led to devices that are not only smart but more compact and easy to carry. Mobile users are increasing every day and statistics show that 50% of the global website traffic comes from mobile.
Realizing the importance of outreach to mobile devices, Google introduced mobile-first indexing prioritized content and web links from mobile websites. This initiative has carried across itself as a trend in 2019 and is consequently pushing web designers to make prioritize mobile websites.

4)Adding Another Dimension
Not all designs are created equal. Though simplicity has its class and elegance, at times it does not serve the purpose a design requires. Web designers are now considering adding 3-dimensions in designs to blur the lines between the digital and physical worlds.

5)Responsive Design
Gone are the days when web designers could afford their websites to be built only for computers. Devices like tablets, TVs, and wearables are part of our daily usage. Each device has its unique use and most of all: different screen sizes. Websites that are not responsive will get obsolete if they don’t become dynamic soon. Even today, such websites are missing out on swarms of online traffic.

In 2019, designers will continue to adopting responsive designs to ensure that websites remain ubiquitous and present enhanced user experiences. This is what will drive conversions.

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