Search engine optimization is nothing without keywords. These carefully compiled together string of words are the mainstay of SEO and everything it stands for. Without keywords, your website will never be able to get the traffic it requires.
Once the marketers recognise the importance of keywords, they often find themselves debating over short tailed keywords and long tailed keywords. Most tend to go towards short tailed keywords as they are short, to the point, and easier to use. While they have their own roles to play, we are here to remind you of the role of long tailed keywords.
What are Long Tailed Keywords?
Long tailed keywords are long phrases that are much more specific than short tailed keywords. In a long tailed keyword, the maximum number of words should be five.
A short tailed keyword such as wedding would bring in thousands of searches belonging to every niche.
On the other hand, a long tailed keyword such as wedding in Decembers, or winter weddings in Finland will bring in a more specific audience.
Here’s why long tailed keywords are important in SEO:

1.They Bring traffic
This is perhaps the most obvious role of long tailed keywords, to bring traffic. However, what most people don’t know is that up to 70% of search traffic is a result of long tailed keywords.

2.They Require Less Efforts
Long tailed keywords remain more specific to a business and its niche; hence, its competition is low. With low competition, it is easier to run higher in search results.

3.They Make Possible Higher Conversions
Long tailed keywords give marketers a clear insight into what people are looking for. The specificity in long tailed keyword search allows marketers to create content accordingly. This results in better lead and higher conversion rates.

4.Easier to incorporate
Long tailed keywords are not repetitive. They offer variations and allow easier incorporation in content. Long tailed keywords flow more naturally and help create more quality content.
They also decrease the chances of spamming, raising red flags and getting penalized. Quality content leads to high conversion rates. In recent years, SEO has gone through some major changes in rules. One of them included more focus on natural-sounding searches.
Long-tailed keywords are a critical part of all inbound marketing campaigns. Using such keywords reflects that you are serious about your business.

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