SEO With Enthusiasm

Search Engine Optimization, SEO or Internet Marketing is the use of popular keywords that are implemented into thebusiness-seo-services-1024x1024 text of a web site. Keywords are words that are directly related to your site – so if your site sells jewelry, you would use keywords like jewelry, jewelry products, jewelry accessories, gold bracelets, diamond necklaces and anything else that is related to the site. Now it’s a good idea to use words in your content that are related to what your site is about, but sometimes that isn’t enough. You will need to research the top keywords that are actually being used by consumers and then use them to gain more visibility on search engines. As an Internet Marketing agency, this is a service we can provide for your business. Our web marketing experts will generate a list of keywords that are highly used and strategically place them within your site. This will get your site ranking higher on search engines which in turn will increase the exposure and traffic to your site.

Boost Your Traffic, Not Your Budget

With 24/7 NY Web Design as your Internet Marketing Firm, we offer you SEO services that can help boost the traffic of your web site. No matter what type of website you own, in order to get maximum traffic you will need to improve the SEO of your content, especially if you are not getting as many visitors as you would like. Our internet marketing firm experts can help you organize an SEO plan to help enhance the content of your site and get better rankings on Google. Now it’s important that you don’t use black hat SEO, which is keyword stuffing – putting too many keywords into content to where it doesn’t make sense is frowned upon by search engines. At 24/7 NY Web Design, you will only get white hat SEO techniques implemented into your site.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website from search engines. Using methods that search engines employ to rank a page, our search engine optimization services can make your website appear on the very first or second page of a search engine’s listings for relevant keywords.

As one of the Best SEO companies we make the necessary changes to a website in order to achieve top rankings in the major search engines. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and all look for different ranking criteria. A good Search Engine Optimization services company can make your site friendly to all of these search engines at once.

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization?

According to various studies, most people prefer to click on organic search results rather than sponsored results, by a very wide margin. Jupiter Media recently reported, 80 percent of Internet users start off in search engines before they buy a product or service online. Not appearing in the top listings for your specific keywords can mean the difference between the success and failure of your online business. 

If you create a brand new website it is totally unknown to the Internet world. If you are really serious about making business through your web presence you need to promote your website in major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. There is a study conducted among Internet users to check their searching habits showed the following result.

* 70 percent of Internet users check only the first Search Engine Result page.

* 20 percent of Internet users check the second Search Result page.

* 8 percent of Internet users check the third Search Result page.

So from the above results we can understand the importance of appearing in the first Search Result page of Google and other major Search Engines. If you really need your website to get listed in the first Search Results page, you need to adopt some promotional methods and optimize your website.


All Of Our Packages Include:

  • Competition analysisSEO-Packages-by-Green-Web-Solutions
  • Keyword and marketplace research
  • Engaging Ads written by our staff of copywriters
  • Title tag and meta keyword optimization
  • HTML code optimization
  • Database rewrites with Spider-friendly site architecture
  • Press releases
  • XML sitemap creation and implementation
  • Robots.txt creation and implementation
  • Enhanced Directory Submissions
  • Local Directory Submissions
  • Ongoing Consulting Time
  • Keyword Ranking Report

There are two different phases of SEO. They are On-Page optimization and Off-Page optimization.

On-Page SEO 

On-Page SEO is purely based on the website architecture and keyword allocation. In this phase we analyze your website and find out the Search Engine visibility and current position of your website. We will guide you to improve the website visibility in Search Engines. The next step is finding the right keyword/s for your website by analyzing your business and your competitor’s websites.

Off -Page SEO

In this phase we concentrate on getting your website natural links by particseo2ipating in proven methods (We never use unethical methods to get links to your website). It is a long term/slow process and highly powerful in improving the search result position of your website in targeted keywords.

About 24/7 NY Web Design’s SEO Service

24/7 NY Web Design is a Brooklyn, New York based Website Development and Promotional company. Our SEO Experts use ethical proven methods to promote your websites in Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing. Our SEO experts improve your website ranking in major search engines in a natural way by pure white hat techniques and ensure that the result is long lasting.

Why Choose 24/7 NY Web Design?

We have a dedicated and experienced team of website designers, developers and SEO consultants. From the beginning of a website development project our quality department ensures that experts from all three divisions meet in project analysis and share their valuable suggestions to improve the quality of the website. SEO is not an after-thought; it should be from the starting point of a website development. We use the service of SEO consultants from the starting of a web project and make sure the website is search engine friendly.

You don’t think we learned all of this over night. We have plenty of certificates and awards that we have earned over the years for the fantastic work we do. 

In Conclusion

SEO is one of the most effective ways of marketing your web site as well. When web surfers search for your keywords on search engines and your site is ranked highly, it will be displayed on the first page of the search results. This gives your site a better chance of being clicked on and viewed. Once this happens, you will begin to see the traffic to your site increase greatly. If you’re ready to give your site the visibility it needs on the Web, give 24/7 NY Web Design a call today. We will consult with you about the best SEO practices to use for your web site.

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