Let the past be the past; that’s what we are told when it comes to life lessons. However, when we are talking about the digital world, the rules are a bit different.
It’s advisable to look into the previous posts of your website, to revive and refresh them and if needed, even clean them out.
Why? It is because reviving old posts can greatly impact your website and help you with better ranking.
In fact, there are endless benefits of combing through your old archives that makes it a necessity rather than a choice. Here are some benefits thatyou should take advantage of:

•New Blogs Might Not Be Needed
With more and more digital advancement, more businesses are becoming digitally visible. As a result, the competition is tough and the competitors are in humongous numbers.
On the other hand, the demand is still the same, it is absolutely static. Everyone is coming up with new blogs, yet the quantity is making little difference. With revised Google algorithms in place, the focus is all on quality.
How about you save your time and energy and focus on optimizing older blogs. Even though working on them will take little time and less energy,it will bring your website to the top by generating leads and traffic.

•Useless Old Blogs Can Become a Liability
Like we said earlier, what’s in the past definitely doesn’t remain in the past. Old blogs that are not optimized could very much be holding your website back. Regardless of how much you generate better blogs in the present, old ones will come to haunt your website eventually.
When old and new blog posts have clearer and more focused information, the visitors enjoy the concept the website is going after.

•It Decrease Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of people who visit a website and leave just after navigating one page. The higher the bounce rate, the lower the ranking.
Captivating older blog posts decrease the bounce rate. The visitor might have come for the new blog but stayed for the older one.
If you haven’t touched your old blog posts for the past year because you are too busy generating new ones, then stop. Working on your old blogs can give you better benefits.Clean out your archive, tweak and fine-tune your old posts first as doing this will give you the same results asthe new posts.

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