Critics of search engine optimization claim that if SEO is not dead now, it soon will be. That’s not the case and all those who say that SEO is dead are terribly mistaken. SEO is very much alive, but it has transformed and now the traditional SEO techniques don’t work in the same fashion.

SEO practices might have transformed, but they’re not going anywhere as search engine rankings are still influenced by SEO. Your business can benefit from SEO, but the important condition is that you work with an SEO expert that’s familiar with the new SEO practices. That said; here’s a quick breakdown of 4 reasons why SEO is still important for your website.

1.     SEO brings Content Visibility

Content won’t bring success to your business without SEO. Considerable time is required to create high quality content and if it still fails, your business will suffer huge loss.

Your efforts would be of no use, if you’re spending all the resources and time in creating content that falls short in the search engine ranking. SEO ensures that your content meets requirements of the search engine and gets recognized. Potential customers will only find your business if it shows up on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) and that’s only possible through content that’s created following the best SEO practices.

2.     Keywords Still Matter

Search engines now process keywords quite differently. The old practices of keyword usage like keyword stuffing won’t work and Google and other search engine will penalize you for such practices. However, keywords are still important to improve website ranking. The way they are used has although changed. Keywords must now be relevant and should appear naturally in the content. Search engine have become sophisticated and they can now tell if certain keywords are placed solely to improve a website’s ranking.

You must research keywords and phrases that people use to search online and then create pages according to these keywords. Strategically place the keywords without stuffing them and your website’s ranking will improve resulting in more traffic and thus more customers.

3.     Cost-Effective

SEO is still more cost effective than other online marketing tactics like social media marketing and PPC. Organic SEO is bedrock of your business’s online presence and without it you cannot succeed in the online realm.

4.     Search Engines Are Processing Real Speech Patterns

Many people fail to realize that with SEO they can gain success in the online realm by bringing real speech patterns into the short and long tail keywords. Researchers are of the view that nowadays people are using voice search features and incorporating speech patterns into their search for products or services. By incorporating real speech patterns into their keywords, websites can attract the people who use voice search or search by phrases that they speak. These speech patterns are vital in SEO and will become more prevalent with the growth of mobile searchability. 

Without SEO, you risk losing your top-ranking in the search results. It’s clear that SEO is not dead; however, if you don’t use SEO, thinking that it’s dead, your online business will certainly be dead. We suggest you leverage the power of SEO by partnering with the SEO experts like 24/7 NY Web Design.

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