Product tours also known as product walkthroughs, allow us to introduce visitors to a new product and help them find what they want. We do this with the help of smart UI and guide users to meaningful actions that lets them understand our product and ultimately buy it. Doing so not only improves product activation, but also increases adoption, and retention rates. 

That said, a poorly executed product tour actually disappoints new users. Instead of letting them understand your products, it prevents them from discovering its core value. As a result, they abandon your product too soon.

During a product tour, instead of explaining users every feature, the focus should always be on the product’s value and user goals. In this article, we will discuss why should incorporate product tours in your marketing strategy to gain the best conversions.

Why Use a Product Tour?

Every software and tool has a learning curve users have to overcome to experience its value. This is why it’s important for product owners to get users over that learning curve and help them get most out of their product as quickly and efficiently as possible. Products tours are excellent to launch typically complex products like software solutions into the market.

Here are five reasons to use product tours in your strategy.

Compel Users to Take Meaningful Actions
Product tours allow your users to explore your product in-depth through your help and supervision. As a result, instead of asking them to understand your app on their own, product tours allow you to influence their behavior.

You can guide them through every step and explain why a particular step is important. Users develop a deep understanding of your product and they are compelled to take meaningful actions.

Are Simple to Build and Experiment with
Product tours make your product easy to roll out and help you iterate your customers experience with your tool. You don’t need to make changes within your app, and you can immediately start to build a comprehensive product tour. At the same time, you can experiment with onboarding and discover new ways that resonate with your customers.

Add Value

No one wants to know about a product unless it promises to offer something of value to him or her. A product tour does just that. It becomes an agent for showcasing your product’s true value to a targeted audience.

Most advertisements limit their approach of marketing to a set of certain features, disregarding what their audience values the most. Product tours, on the other hand, allow you to focus on core values that excite your customers the most. By offering your users exactly what they want, you provide value to them and gain their trust.

Push Users towards Conversion
Product tours not only showcase the value your product provides, but they offer a personal experience through the lens of the customers. Because they can practically see how they can use certain features in their life, it helps them contextualize the product. As a result, a product tour can push customers to conversion more effectively.


Product tours are an excellent way to promote your solutions in a targeted manner. To learn about how to create an effective product tour, please follow my blog.

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