The rise of the Internet has been the phenomenon of the century. Hosting Facts estimates that the number of internet users over the globe has swelled up to 4.1 billion. People now rely on the internet for everything, including shopping.
Smart business owners are aware that an e-commerce website has great potential for profit. However, a simple e-commerce site can’t do much on its own. Research from Stanford showed that 75% of customers gauge a business’s credibility on how their website looks.
To attract customers and convince them to buy your product, you need a balanced design for your website. Check out how good web design can boost your business.

Neat Navigation, Less Loading Time
Nowadays, people do not have much time. To ensure that they choose your service over others, your website has to be easy to navigate. You need to ensure the most important pages have the highest accessibility. Customers want to find what they’re looking for without wasting time and complex navigation can put them off.
Kissmetrics Infographic warns that if a website takes 4 seconds of loading time, it can lose up to 25% of its viewership. Extensive loading time is dangerous for your sales because it wards of customers before you can make your pitch. People prefer websites that are easier to use and take less time. Efficient web design will help you retain customers that a poor design will lose.

Target Existing Customers
Selling to existing customers is more cost-effective than trying to make new ones. To grow your business, you should focus your efforts on making repeat sales to your current customers. There are two strategies to make sure your clients stay by your side.
You can use Google’s remarketing ads service for your website to influence your customers. The service targets users that have visited your site and shows them your offers. It’s an efficient way to brand your product and increase the chance of a repeat sale.
The second method involves an email campaign that reaches out to our previous customers. Adding an emailing mechanism to your web design can help your clients stay updated about your offers.

Construct Comprehensive Landing Pages
Some website homepages can be extremely messy. They are filled with several products and countless CTAs. They’re not only inefficient but also put more doubts in a customer’s mind than clearing them.
A dedicated landing page can solve that problem. It is a web page that is focused on a single product or offer. Unlike conventional homepages, each element of the landing page is focused on a single CTA.
You can even get creative and makes unique landing pages for specific target audiences. People will be able to find a web page that is dedicated to their needs.

Responsive Websites
Mobile devices account for 67.2% of the total e-commerce sales in the world. Mobile phones are ideal for e-commerce business because they are easy to use and take minimum time. If your website isn’t adaptable for mobile devices, you’ll risk losing more than half of your potential customers.
Responsive designs help websites to maintain their composure against changing screen size or resolutions. Having a web design that caters to mobile devices increases your reach and improves your chances of making a sale.

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