Technology is constantly advancing and with all the advancements, it has become important for all businesses to keep up with them!

One such advancement is building a good online presence for your business. While a well designed website is essential for a comprehensive web presence and online marketing, the competitive environment demands businesses go further if they really wish to take things up to the next level.

How do we go further?

One way is to leverage the power of blogging. Blogging is an effective and inexpensive to increase website traffic and attract more customers. Many companies nowadays use blogging to market their business and drive more traffic to their website. How can blogging be beneficial from your business? Here are a few powerful benefits.

1.     Search Engine Optimization

In SEO, content is king and blogging is the best way to keep your website updated with fresh content. When you’ll consistently write blogs and update your website, your search engine indexing will increase as all search engines will index the new content you post on your website. Blogging also gives you an opportunity to incorporate all the important keywords that increase your visibility and improve your ranking in the search results.

2.     Developing Relationship with Customers

Through blogging you can establish a relationship with your potential customers and connect with them. With blogs you can engage customers by asking a question at the end of the post to start the conversation or by allowing feedback and comments. By responding to the comments from the readers, you can show them how much you value their voice, build trust and gain insights about what customers are looking for.

3.     Supports Social Media Initiatives

Maintaining social media presence can be very difficult without quality content. Sharing content of other people helps, but this won’t get you direct leads to your website. By blogging, you can share everything you post on the site with your social media audience to direct all the traffic from your social media page to the website.

4.     Building Authority

With regular blogs encapsulated with relevant information about your industry, you can establish your authority in the industry. When you’ll provide useful insights to the audience, they’ll know you’re really in the game and can be trusted for your services. Customers won’t hesitate to buy from your website when they’ll trust you and your conversion rate will increase which takes us to the next benefit.  

5.     Improving Conversation Rates

A blog that’s well maintained sends out a positive signal about your business and shows that you are active. If you don’t update your blog, there’s no point of having one. When high-quality content is posted, it helps to build brand loyalty and your conversion rate further increases.

If you really want to build up an esteemed online presence, improve your website’ ranking and increase your conversion rate, we suggest you leverage the power of blogging. Most businesses avoid blogging because it can be time consuming and we at 24/7 NY Web Design totally understand this, that’s why we offer content marketing services. Contact us you need assistance with regular blog posts on your website.

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