Starting a business is easy but making it grow at a speedy pace is not.  As a business owner, you need to come up with agile marketing strategies to attract clients and get conversions. However, rampant digitization has allowed business owners to reach their target audience in a very effective way. With the right web design tricks, your dream of seeing your business flourish can become a reality.

Here are five web design tricks to make your business grow at a speedier pace.

1. Incorporation of Video

If you look at the statistics, you will realize that around 80% of the internet users watch videos online. Incorporation of video to your website is an amazing way of attracting more people to your business. Now, your creativity is about to be put to the test. If you act smartly, you will never go for just any other video you find on YouTube. Instead, having a video landing page can prove more beneficial.

2. Parallax Scrolling

The new scrolling technique, Parallax scrolling makes the visitors experience more engaging and visually appealing. It allows the visitors to consume the information easily and make it all the way to the end of the page. The popularity of parallax scrolling has given birth to deeper scrolling. With a slight scroll, the user can make it to the next page. Parallax scrolling increases the likelihood of all of your content being viewed by the visitor.

3. Animated CTA

Call to action or CTA, is the most important component of your web design. Yet, it is very tricky to get your visitors to make it to the CTA stage. You can’t simply tell you visitors to do so, for it is not good enough. You need to be more creative with your approach and provide your visitors with something to act upon. How about some animation? A slight funky animation for the CTA might be the tool that you need.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Although, e-commerce has taken over the traditional sales strategies, yet a majority of the buyers wish to feel connected.  That is exactly where artificial intelligence or AI comes in. Machine learning and personalization makes the visitors feel special. As a result, brand loyalty increases in a very major way. For a while now, chatbots are being incorporated to the websites to maximize customer experience. Furthermore, chatbots allow the visitors to clear any form of confusion they have about your company, and the product you offer.

5. Custom Typography

A website cannot run without text, but the days of hackneyed font styles are all but gone. You need to use such typography that rotates around your brand identity and communicates effectively with the customers at the same time. It’s totally up to you, how you wish to utilize this unique typography. You can use it in the logo, through your design or in your newsletter.

Investing time in your web design can help you secure a large pool of loyal customers. For the best web design and digital marketing services, you can visit our website anytime you like. 

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