Do you remember the days when websites were mere combinations of text and information?  Nowadays, the internet users want a website that is visual enough to engage and entertain them. Furthermore, today’s users not only seek quality, but a full-fledged intuitive experience. Things like catchy CTAs and the aesthetics dictate the duration of time a visitor spends on your website.  

Let’s take a look at eight ways to make your website more interactive.

1. Communicate with Your Audience

Spend some time to ask your visitors what they would like to see on your website. The feedback from your visitors will open you up to an array of possibilities; you were unaware of up till now A few years ago, ESPN asked their visitors for feedback about their web design. They redesigned their website accordingly, and experienced considerable increase in revenue.  

2. Be Quick

Whether it’s a laptop or mobile, your visitors expect your website to load under 2 seconds. A majority of the internet users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Tools like Google Page Speed Insights will provide you with tips on improving your loading time.

3. Provide Detailed Information

Make sure to provide your visitors with detailed information. This will allow the visitors to reach a thoughtful and well-informed decision about your products and services. Failing to do so, you will frustrate the customer, and they may think that you are hiding something.  

4. Make Your Navigation Instinctive

To guide themselves through on your website, people need a navigation bar. A navigation bar shows the visitors around and also guides them back to the landing page. A navigation bar should be intuitive and less bulky.

5. Choose the Right Color Scheme

Be very careful when choosing the color scheme for your website. The color should be suitable for the industry you are in. Also, the background color should go perfectly with the text, and not make the vivdity suffer. The color shouldn’t make it tough for the visitors to read the text.

6. Enhance the Layout

With a decrease in data costs more users are accessing website through their phone. The layout of your website should be suitable for mobile and desktop. Also, make sure that mobile users don’t have to zoom-in while accessing your website through their phones.

7. Create Catchy CTAs

Do you a meaningful and effectively placed call-to-action on your website? Visitors who are interested in buying from you want to be guided towards the next step. All you have to do is make a catchy CTA that is easily locatable on your website.

8. Design a Comprehensive Contact Page

Does you contact page have nothing but your email address? If so, please spend some time to beef up your contact page. Along with your email address, attach your phone number, and name of the city you are located in.

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