Less is always more when it comes to web designing. The cleaner, crisper andmore creative the website, the better it is forthe business.
Here are some web designing elements to keep in mind in 2019 for a modern look:

1.A Bit More White Space Would Be Appreciated
No one likes to visit a website that that is full of information, offers, and promises. Such websites intimidate the consumers, hence reducing the chances of them visiting again.
Quantity is so last year, with quality becoming more important in 2019. Create WebPages with little snippets of rich content and plenty of white space. This helps create a clean and focused website and is a breath of fresh air for the visitors.
When we say white space, we mean empty space. You can pick any color from the palette that complements the theme of your website–just as long as you leave it adequately empty.

2.Background Videos
2019 is going to be the year of the videos. Not only does embedding videos increase the ranking of the websites, but they also save time and energy.
A large number of people prefer to watch a video than read the content, as it takes less time, allows multitasking and delivers the message in a more proactive manner. Even web developers do not have to spend so much time developing large content when few words can give the same message.
If you want your website to have a strong digital presence with high conversion rates in 2019, then don’t miss out on background videos.

3.Rotating Animations
If you have lots to share on your homepage but also don’t want to fill it up, then here’s a trendy solution.
Rotating animations allow you to add more content to your homepage without messing up the sparkling design. Additionally, it looks super cool and innovative and leaves the visitors with a unique experience.

4.Large Fonts
Fonts can become a part of the brand image if used uniquely and creatively. Some have done it so successfully, that no matter where you see the font, the brand would instantly jump to your mind.

5.Use Strong Color Palette
The color palette is that element of web design that visitors might not notice but definitely register. It makes the strongest impression on the visitors. In 2019, the trend is all about using a strong color palette for better cohesiveness.
The quality of content and SEO optimization bring the visitors in and web designing does the work of making sure that they stay.

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