As far as creativity is concerned, both web design and graphic design share a few commonalities. To excel in either of the two fields, you need to have deep understanding of design principles, typography and graphics. However, both graphic design and web design are two entirely different fields, each requiring a different skill set. Oftentimes, people confuse each of them for one another, and if you are one of those people, you need to continue reading.

Here are five ways web design is different from graphic design.

1. Loading Time and File Size

Nothing worries a web designer as much as large-sized files do.  Web designers are also concerned about optimization. They are always making sure whether or not graphics, animations and images will look alright, and how they will affect the loading time, on various devices. If a file takes longer to load, it affects the user experience in a negative way. If the user experience is bad, bounce rates are meant to go up. Graphic Designers are also worried about a file size, but only when they have to fit a big file into a smaller space.

2. Typography

When it comes to font, graphic designers are free to use any font they like. They don’t worry too much about how the final product will be, as long as a good printer is involved.  Web designers on the other hand, spend a significant amount of time determining how the text may appear through various browsers and devices. Luckily, since the inculcation of tools like Google Fonts, web designers have gotten a chance to be more creative.

3. A Web Designer is Always Busy

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that a website is a living being that is never fully complete. In order to keep a website engaging, it needs to be worked on regularly. With a change in brand identity, content and Call-to-Action (CTA) also need modification. To increase conversions, a web designer is always on the move, and always navigating. A graphic designer is responsible for the creative end, and once his work is over, he signs off. On the other hand, a web designer’s work never truly ends. Whereas a graphic designer looks after creativity, a web designer makes sure everything works smooth holistically.

4. The Audience

The most important thing to a website is traffic. A website is simply a product, and if something is off about it, the consumers will surely speak up.  It’s just like a sloppy billboard design geeks complain about to the concerned agency. Web designers use tools like Google Analytics to gauge the consumer feedback, and measure the success or failure of their website. Using popular content, bounce rates, and keyword referrals, a web designer decides what adjustments he needs to make, in order to shift the numbers in his favor.

5. Web Designers Work With Developers

Web designers work with developers who are responsible for the translation of design to functional codes.  As a result, both the web designer and the developer need deep understanding of the nitty-gritty of the design. A web designer needs to make sure; all the stakeholders understand the limitations of the design. A graphic designer on the other hand, enjoys all the creative freedom, without any talking to do.

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