Change in web design is quick and brutal. Those not quick on their feet or unwilling to adapt cannot, find it difficult to survive in the market. Unsurprisingly, web designers are always pushed to seek new skills, experiment with new tools and technologies, and keep on hustling.

However, the nightmare of constant change can stop people from following defined path, as it’s easy to wander away from what you originally planned. Aspiring web designers wring at the idea of starting things over when you have just started to settle. In this article, I will outline five important tips you should remember to overcome chaotic change as a web designer.

Remember to Follow Change through Necessity

Before you start pursuing new skills and experimenting with different tools, it’s important to see if you really need to do that in the first place. Are you learning new languages, tinkering with your client list or trying out different approaches just because you feel that way, is there any method to your madness?

Although it’s important to be open to change, investing time money, and effort is only good when following change will be the best for you in the long term. Instead of pursuing every new change, you should research how much a certain trend or change affects your work and your long-term plans.

Build Your Foundation

New designers often have gaps in training and education since there is no clear path for young web designers to follow. They master a wide pool of web technologies. but don’t learn how to market their skills and manage projects effectively.

To overcome change, you first need to develop a complete set of hard skills relevant to your domain. You can become a full stack develop, mean stack developer, or any other learning path that matches your interests.

However, most importantly, you must hone your non-design skills to succeed in the freelance market. In other words, you must brush up financial management, project management, planning & scheduling, as well as communication & collaboration skills.

Learn Evergreen Skills

The problem with technology is that it never stays static. It constantly evolves and to stay relevant, you must constantly evolve, as well. This is why you should research new technologies thoroughly and learn technologies that are here to stay.

Learning a set of evergreen skills is what you need to gain a prosperous career, no matter how the design landscape changes. This means you should learn more things than an average web designer’s skill set , so you can stand out from the crowd.

Always Be Ready

Just like technology, the web is constantly evolving. It’s your responsibility to learn as a web designer and hone your skills whenever you can. You should always be ready for change. One way to do that is to watch out for Google’s mobile-first indexing constantly.

Google announces before it makes any major changes in the industry. Therefore, by following them you can identify things you must learn to get ahead of others.


Adapting to change can be hard, but by being aware of the market and following a comprehensive learning path, you can successfully overcome all challenges you face.

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