A giant conglomerate or a small business can’t survive in this age and era without a website.
Websites are a powerful marketing tool— so powerful that they can completely annihilate the difference between the aforementioned types of businesses.
Here are some more reasons why every business should invest in websites:

1.Websites are Cost-Effective
Compared to a brick and mortar store, websites are very cost-effective and bring in the same amount of profit. Managing and updating websites are also a lot more pocket-friendly than renovating and revamping the store.
Another way in which websites are easier on the pocket is through its cost-effective marketing techniques.

2.Websites Help with Building Credibility
Websites provide you with a platform where you canwrite to your heart’s content. Through websites, businesses share information, new research, and news.
Additionally, they have a chance to update and renew their website every other day. All these things send a message to the customers that you mean business and you are an expert in your niche. It builds the credibility of your business, and credibility brings in new customers and retains them.

3.Websites Increase the Chances of Google Ranking
Many businesses function online but without a website. They relysolely on Facebook or Instagram. Websites, on the other hand, help businesses create visibility, and if SEO is done right, they even appear on the top of the search engine results page.
In fact, with the new algorithms in place, the competition to aim for the top rank is even higher, and the website is one of the best ways to stand out from the rest.

4.Websites Increase Conversion Rates
Websites allow businesses to make an impression on their buyers and lure them into making a purchase. Websites offer better and higher conversion rates with their endless marketing strategies and advertisement options.
Many times, a website is so captivating that it even urges an accidental visitor into making a purchase.

5.Websites Help Target a Larger Audience
A brick and mortar store can only do so much when it comes to the target audience. A website, on the other hand, enables businesses to target a wider audience.
Websites are not limited by geographical boundaries and can be accessible from anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for retail websites or B2B companies that usually target the whole world as their audience.
The bottom line is that websites are imperative for every business, especially in the year 2019, when online visibility will be everything.

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