Are you always on the lookout for ways to enhance customer satisfaction rate, maximize conversions and enjoy higher customer retention? You must have tried several tactics like phone calls, social media and email marketing. If all has failed, you might be doing something wrong. Well, have you tried incorporating a live chat feature on your website? Studies have shown that live chat has the highest customer satisfaction rate of 73%.

Still not convinced? The benefits of live chat mentioned below will change your mind.

1. Increased Sales

One of the biggest obstructions to selling products online is the questions your customers have regarding your products and services.  The answers to these questions aren’t mentioned in the product description either. If you fail to provide your visitors with the product details, they are less likely to buy from you. To eliminate the issue, your live chat representative can serve as a sales person, and answers all the questions asked by the visitors. Not only does live chat maintain the visitors’ interest but also encourages them to place an order or two.

2. Better Customer Service

The more communication channels you have, the better customer service you can ensure. Live chat is an extremely popular communication channel these days, and it also doesn’t need any face or voice time. Unlike phone calls it is free from annoying things like background music, and a long time waiting. It enables you to communicate with your customers while they are still checking your website out.

3. Helps You Beat Your Competition

Despite its popularity, there are a number of companies that are still unfamiliar with live chat and don’t use it on their website. Those that do, enjoy an edge over their competitors in terms of increased sales, better customer service, and a high customer satisfaction rate. If your competitors are using live chat and you are not, using one will put you in a fighting position.

4. Live Chat Is Cost-Effective

It is a fact that live chat services aren’t mostly free, but investing in one can help you save money. Do you know why this happens? It happens simply because a majority of the customers like to communicate online, rather than speaking on the phone. Depending upon the telecommunication service you use, switching to live chat helps cut telecommunication costs.

5. Live Chat Provides Data Analytics

Live chat logs provide you with a great deal of relevant information. They allow you to monitor traffic and volumes of chat requests.  Furthermore, it gives you an insight of how your customer service staff deals with customers. As a result you can evaluate the performance of your staff, and gauge customer satisfaction.  Some live chat features can be linked to Google analytics, which enables you to monitor the overall performance of your website.

These were just a handful of the numerous benefits of having live chat on your website. If you want an interactive website for your business, don’t worry for we have got you covered. For more information, visit our website, or call now at 718-233-3120. You can even e-mail us at

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