Choosing a web design company in New York is a tricky job. There is a list of factors that you need to focus on in order to find the web design company of your choice. It all starts with determining the kind of website your business needs. You also need to plan a budget that you are willing to spend. Checking up on the company’s past clients is also crucial. However, there are times when you hire the wrong web design company.
Here are 5 sign that you chose the wrong web design company in New York.

1. Communication Lapse
Your business’s website is of crucial importance to you and your business. As a business owner you want your web design company to take it just as seriously. However, there are some companies that neither respond to your calls, messages and emails nor provide you with timely updates. If the web design company that you have hired doesn’t answer your calls nor keeps you updated then it is time you search for a new one.

2. No Visible Progress
A good web design company in New York will always keep you updated on three stages of website development. Firstly they will send you a mockup of your website. Secondly they will share with you a working prototype of your business’s website. And finally they will share the final prototype which will be exactly the same as the website that you want. The reason for these updates is to help you decide whether the website is up to par or not. If your web design company fails to do so, it’s time to assign the task to another company.

3. Charges Extremely High or Less
Web designing is not a heavily regulated industry and therefore web designers charge as they please. There are different types of web designers. Some handle big corporate clients while others deal with small enterprises. Consider your nature of business and compare it with what tier of web design Company you are dealing with. If your web designer is charging significantly more or less than their competitors then chances are you are in the wrong hands.

4. Has a Negligible Portfolio
Another sign that you have hired a wrong web design company is their portfolio. Neither will you find their clients on their website nor will they speak to you about them. There is nothing wrong with bringing your past projects in the public’s eye. Many times web designers keep their past project a secret for you are their first client ever. If your web designer fails to provide you with evidence of their past projects, the best thing that you can do is bounce.
If you have hired a web design company in New York, the aforementioned signs will tell you whether or not you have made the right decision.

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