As we enter a new decade, a lot is about to change- and social media marketing is no exception. It is always interesting to predict what is going to change in the world of social media. With each passing day, we are witnessing changes in the way people connect, the tools that are being used, and the methods to enhance your online marketing efforts.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest social media marketing trends you can’t afford to avoid.

1. Influencer Marketing Is on the Rise

Studies have shown that almost 60% of all online marketers are planning to allocate a major portion of their budget towards influencer marketing. Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly wary of online ads, and they prefer reviews from the people they trust before purchasing anything. The influencer expressing their views about a particular product could be anyone. It could be your favorite actor, musician, athlete, or even a niche artist who you know. Social media allows small businesses to compete in the same place as their larger counterparts. Unfortunately, startups don’t have the budget required to hire bigger influencers, but it surely gives less popular influencers a chance to come out into the public’s eye.

2. Video Content

With time, video content is becoming increasing popular, and some studies suggest that in a few years, more than 80% of the digital content will be video-based. Another trend is that of live videos. These videos rose to prominence on YouTube, but they are quickly taking over Facebook and Instagram. Many social media users find live videos more attractive and useful. Furthermore, they add to the trustworthiness of a brand.

3. Stories

Apart from live videos, social media marketers are beginning to rely on stories. In the beginning, these stories were confined to Instagram. Soon, however, they made it to Facebook, and now YouTube has come up with its own story format. These stories provide viewers with important insights, especially videos, because they are filmed on the spot. A social media story lasts for no more than 24 hours. This allows marketers an opportunity to offer flash sales and deals that the consumers can go after.

4. Augmented Reality

In the world of social media, augmented reality is the talk of town. Augmented reality works perfectly for both e-commerce businesses and brick-and-mortar stores. A perfect example in this regard is that of IKEA. With their AR mobile application, they enable their customers to have a look at how their products will look in their homes. Similarly, makeup companies, through AR technology, allow their customers to observe how their products look on their faces, without applying them. There are multiple ways AR can be used, and most of its uses are still undiscovered.

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