Creating a website that attracts visitors has never been more challenging than it is in 2020. Marketers and content creators across the globe are scrambling to feature their content and promotions on sites with innovative design features to boost the visibility of their marketing efforts.

Websites with visually appealing and functional design features are known to draw in far more traffic than poorly designed sites. In fact, search engines are likely to provide sites that offer better user experiences with higher search rankings so the design of a website could make or break a particular marketing campaign.

Here are 3 must-have web design features to give you an edge over other sites in 2020:

1. Custom Typography

Typography is an integral part of web design and should be given careful consideration when designing your website.

Many company websites have adopted the use of typography that is unique and specific to their brand. This typography helps site visitors recognize the brand whenever they encounter their content, and sets the brand apart from its competitors.

It’s no longer enough for websites to use generic Arial or Verdana fonts for their headings, so web designers may have to get creative with their typography choices.

2. Dark Mode

As users continue to browse websites at odd hours of the day, many find the inclusion of “dark modes” on websites to be incredibly helpful. Dark modes are theme options for websites that swap out the site’s default backgrounds for black or darker ones that are more soothing to look at in the night time.

The widespread  popularity of dark modes has prompted many web browsers to include add-ons that automatically convert sites with bright themes to ones with darker backgrounds.

However, sites with built-in dark mode functionality tend to look better than the dark mode filters provided by these browsers, so it’s important to include the feature when you’re designing your site.

3. Good Navigation

All websites should feature well thought out roadmaps that make navigation a breeze. The quality of your content or products won’t matter if users have a hard time exploring your site and locating sections that are of interest to them.

This can be challenging if your site features a wide variety of content. Websites like these usually feature multiple sections with subsections that contain the specific content users are seeking.

Websites that are easy to navigate require the expertise of an experienced web designer. New York is a major hub for marketing agencies, so it’s easy to find web designers who are familiar with creating sites that provide good user experiences.

These are just a few of the many features that can improve the quality of your website in 2020. If you’re interested in hiring experienced web designers to design your website with all these great features, check out NYC Web Design.

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